Ensuring the reliability of the treatment plant begins with proper design and an ongoing quality management process

With a growing focus in today’s world on the need for environmental protection and security, municipalities have come under increasing pressure to not only ensure, but guarantee high quality treatment of both water and wastewater. Regulatory compliance is mandatory and with failure, can lead to serious consequences. At COLE, our leadership and experience in wastewater treatment has developed such that we have a dynamic team with diverse expertise relating to alternative treatment processes. Our strengths are augmented by the team’s recognition of risk assessment and management as being key to the development of specific strategies for achieving water treatment goals.

In the case of wastewater treatment, the key consideration is that the receiving waters for the effluent from the plants is protected as a high quality aquatic source for sustaining fish, plant life and allowing human aquatic behaviour i.e. swimming. In this regard, the wastewater treatment process which leads to, when properly designed, a very high quality effluent is critical to the quality control process such that the quality of the natural waterways are preserved.

The wastewater treatment process requires the interaction of our multi-discipline teams ranging from process engineering, structural, electrical, mechanical, and SCADA. Ensuring the reliability of the treatment plant begins with proper design and an ongoing quality management process leading to the commissioning of a plant that has the ability to produce for many many years, high quality water meeting all regulatory standards.

The contract delivery model for such complex facilities as water treatment plants can be traditional, whereby the client retains the consultant and the contractor individually or as design-build where the two entities combine to deliver the end product. At COLE, we are familiar and experienced in these and alternative delivery models.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Industrial Wastewater Treatment is the treatment of wastewater from industrial or commercial institutions prior to discharging to the environment or sewer network. These industries can vary from food and drinks production to the mining industry.

Wastewater Planning
COLE's wastewater planning team has the knowledge and understanding of the wastewater industry to help clients meet regulatory requirements and develop cost effective, long-term servicing solutions. We offer advisory and assessment in the areas of Wastewater and Sludge Characterization, Process Modelling and Field Testing, Resource Conservation and Optimization, Process Audits and Capacity Assessments, Bench, Pilot and Full Scale Process Development, Resources Conservation and Optimization and Municipal Planning Studies.

Wastewater Treatment Technologies
COLE has completed numerous evaluations for clients on the selection of wastewater treatment technologies. Our team has a vast knowledge of all treatment technologies including conventional activated sludge and advanced treatment such as biological nutrient removal processes. COLE will balance the needs of the client with an understanding of the environmental constraints to deliver a beneficial and cost effective solution.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
The COLE team consists of experienced senior engineers as well as young professionals in the wastewater industry who undertake large scale wastewater treatment projects involving plant design, upgrade, expansion, rehabilitation and operation. Providing the ideal solutions to enhance your design requirement, our multi-disciplinary team specializes in fine bubble aeration, chemical enhanced primary treatment and sludge stabilization.

Through the successful implementation of numerous biosolids projects our team has developed an in depth knowledge of the Nutrient Management Act in Ontario as well as national and international biosolids regulations. We are at the forefront of biosolids treatment, understanding the potential and strategies to reuse biosolids for land application and energy generation. COLE has worked closely with our clients to implement these strategies to the benefit of the client, the consumers and the environment.

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