Stormwater Management

Developing the most cost-effective solutions to stormwater infrastructure deficiencies

The management and control of stormwater is a challenge faced by every municipality, as combined sewers and stormwater sewers are a significant asset. A comprehensive understanding of their service level is critical in the process of mitigating and ultimately removing the adverse effects that can be associated with wet weather flow.

COLE undertakes comprehensive analysis of stormwater and sanitary drainage systems and, as importantly, designs and details the solutions needed to rectify system deficiencies. Developing the most cost-effective solutions to stormwater infrastructure deficiencies requires a comprehensive knowledge of the system characteristics. COLE has a team of experts to undertake stormwater management planning, sanitary drainage area studies, wet weather flow studies and basement flooding investigations.

Our Stormwater Management team assists by having the in-house tools, equipment and software to gather accurate and comprehensive flow, level and rainfall data and is experienced in the development of hydrology and hydraulic models that can be calibrated and validated from live flow and rainfall data, leading to a high level of confidence in the developed model. Following investigative works, we can develop detail designs through to construction for stormwater infrastructure. We understand our studies, modelling and reports as tools in a process, using them to develop practical and cost effective final solutions to overcome infrastructure deficiencies.

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