Municipal Infrastructure Conveyance

We have a dynamic team with diverse expertise relating to alternative treatment processes.

For many municipalities, aging infrastructure and new developments enhance the ongoing pressures of councils and adjacent municipalities for the urgent requirement of new and upgraded systems. Pumping stations, forcemains, watermains, storm and sanitary sewers, elevated tanks and reservoirs play a critical role in our communities and engineering must be approached with assurance, understanding and vision.

Detailed understanding of the correlation between the distribution and transmission systems is critical in achieving the correct design to meet current and future requirements. To certify the correct resolution, our industry recognized pumping station and linear experts apply various design and construction methods.

From initial concept to delivery we recognize that budget, schedule, and co-ordination of traffic, access and pedestrians will affect every project and through our technical approach we are able to solve these issues with innovative cost- effective solutions.

Whether your project is a design, rehabilitation or replacement, our senior staff sweat the details and demonstrate an absolute understanding of the varying complexities of every system.

Asset Management 
COLE are experts in assisting municipalities in developing and implementing tools to assist in the long tem management of linear assets. Our services include asset data collection, database creation and population, asset valuation and asset management plan development.

Detailed Design & Contract Management 
COLE are experts in the detailed design and contract administration of municipal linear infrastructure. Our services include: preliminary design, detailed deisgn, approvals, tender document preparation, cost estimation, assistance during tendering, contract administration and post construction services.

Master Planning & Facility Planning
COLE specializes in all aspects of water distribution, wastewater collection and stormwater conveyance and treatment systems management and planning. We have developed innovative and sustainable master plans with our clients for water distribution and wastewater conveyance systems, stormwater conveyance systems, water distribution facilities; stormwater management facilities and combined sewer overflow facilities. We develop innovative and sustainable master and facility plan solutions that best meet out clients' needs.

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Planning Services
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Design Services
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