Water & Related Infrastructure

Aware of our responsibility to maintain and sustain our water infrastructure and related municipal infrastructure to reduce negative environmental impacts on future generations.

When municipal councils have a fiduciary responsibility to their inhabitants, municipal staff need a reliable engineering consultant to provide exceptional and sustainable results. Cole Engineering is a multi-discipline engineering firm that provides environmental solutions which address population growth and related environmental impacts.

We are a responsive and proactive consultant, structured so that our clients know the face of the decision makers, allowing us to respond quickly and easily to staff demands. We anticipate and prevent or overcome challenges that can prolong and even derail the implementation of a project. As professionals, we understand the complex challenges inherent in municipal utility management, water, and wastewater projects. We excel at being cost effective without compromising the principles of excellence in engineering.

The Water Infrastructure team at COLE provide multi-disciplinary services for local and provincial governments with emphasis on utility management, water supply, wastewater treatment, wastewater disposal and energy and resource recovery. Our team has, at every level and for every discipline, been assembled from the most respected and proven individuals in the industry.