Innovative Design Solutions for the Development of our Communities

COLE's Subdivisions team combines technical expertise, providing innovative design solutions for the development of our client’s communities. Our cost-effective approaches to infrastructure design, strong project management skills and our ability to navigate through the complex municipal approval process are exemplary.

Whether your project is a new phase, a new neighbourhood, a revitalization or a new community; we can manage and engineer it from initial planning to assumption.

Group / Project Management
·         Block Plan Coordination
·         Landowner Group Management
·         Administration of Cost Sharing Agreements
·         Front-End Financial and Subdivision Agreements
·         Due Diligence Investigations
·         Feasibility Studies
·         Functional Servicing Reports
·         Master Environmental Servicing Plans
·         Development Charge By-law Review

·         Detailed Design of Sewers, Watermains, Roads and Grading
·         Stormwater Management for Quality and Quantity Control
·         Utility Co-ordination
·         Municipal and Provincial Agency Approvals
Construction Services
·         Construction / Project Management
·         Contract Administration and Inspection
·         Peer Review
·         Project Closeout
·         Letter of Credit Reduction