Urban Development

We provide advisory, pre-design, design and project management services ranging in size and type, from small to very complex.

We are a multi-discipline engineering firm that has more than just designing capabilities. We approach engineering from a business perspective. We look at each project from the developer’s point of view, as if it was our money; as if we were custodians of the project for the time it is within COLE and our focus is to complete it on time and on budget.

We have the ability to navigate through the complex municipal approval process and have developed relationships so the approvals of the engineering are done expeditiously and in a timely manner. The accuracy of our designs come from a thorough understanding of the design criteria and approval staff know drawings from COLE will be completed accurately to their satisfaction and to the required standards.

Whether your project is a new phase, a new neighbourhood, a revitalization or a new community, we can manage and engineer it from initial planning to commissioning. We have become the trusted advisor to many in the development community.

Group Engineer / Manager

COLE has earned a solid reputation as a respected Group Engineer and Manager. We determine all servicing in support of planning applications for residential and commercial developments. As Group Manager, COLE sets the strategy for progressing through the planning process and manages the group’s finances including cost sharing. With the extensive experience of both the technical and management team, the relationships with approval agencies, developers and other stakeholders, COLE is one of the most respected and trusted in the industry.