We are proud to look at both standard and innovative solutions based on real data, without prejudice or affiliation to any equipment supplier or contractor.

COLE's Energy Division provides a wide range of energy related services for Generation, Conservation and Distribution projects. We provide services ranging from Owner’s Engineer and Independent Engineer; through to detailed design services for EPC contractors; as well as generation and performance reviews for the life of the projects.

The following list provides some insight into our expertise and capabilities:
  • Initial Audits;
  • Needs Analysis;
  • Master Planning;
  • Generation Analysis;
  • Feasibility Studies;
  • Project Management;
  • Environmental Design and Permits;
  • Interconnection to Natural Gas and Electrical Utilities;
  • Conceptual, Preliminary and Detailed Designs of complete systems and balance of plant integration;
  • Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSR);
  • Tendering and Procurement Support Services;
  • Verification Services; and,
  • Construction and Commissioning Related Services.

Our experienced engineers have decades of experience and understanding of the energy sector. With full multi-discipline engineering capability, we provide continuity across all phases and aspects of projects, enabling us to present solutions for the most diverse and complex problems associated with energy projects. Whether your business generates, distributes or uses energy, we are here to help you optimize your consumption, increase generation, increase revenues, reduce your operating and maintenance costs, or assess the risks of your projects.

We are proud to look at both standard and innovative solutions based on real data, without prejudice or affiliation to any equipment supplier or contractor.

RENEWABLE ENERGY (including Solar, Wind, Biomass, Energy from Waste):

Renewable Energy provides clean alternative energy to the electricity system. Beyond this, it also provides a more distributed generation system, that is, more generation in closer proximity to the end users. This provides reduced system losses and enhanced system reliability when properly planned, designed and constructed. Generation of electricity as close as possible to the point of consumption is a solution to address constraints on an aging and increasingly congested grid, as our urban lifestyles have evolved over several decades.


With over 300 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) experience, the Energy Team at Cole Engineering provides expert engineering and consulting services for your solar PV projects, whether it is a commercial rooftop installation or large utility-scale ground-mount solar farm. We provide an industry leading team of engineers and project managers to support all project phases, from conceptual planning and permitting, to site inspections and start-up, including due diligence and performance review. Our team has the expertise and tools (PVsyst) to model your solar PV system and estimate the energy generation, whether for project feasibility, or evaluation of design alternatives.


We have over 500 MW of installed wind generation experience, including HV (to 230 kV) interconnection negotiations with utilities; direct interactions with the IESO and other regulatory agencies; preliminary and detailed designs of transformer stations, switching stations, and collector systems; commissioning and construction site administration services.

We have project experiences in other renewables, including biomass, run-of-river small hydro and energy from waste projects.


For the development of a more sustainable solution, recovery of heat, and its utilization, is paramount to the success of our client’s financial performance and reduction of its carbon footprint. Further, District Energy can also enable security of electricity, heating and cooling during grid blackouts.

The Cole Engineering Team has extensive thermal power experience on thermal projects ranging from smaller 250 kW reciprocating engines through to utility scale 600 MW combined cycle technologies – and all in between. Fuels include clean natural gas, as well as renewable digester gas, landfill gas, and biomass sources. With this broad exposure to a wide range of configurations, we are well suited to help our clients select the most appropriate solution to be responsive to its pillars of success.

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