A full spectrum of environmental services from the environmental assessment stage through to construction.

Our Environment plays a key role in every aspect of our lives and development needs. In the engineering industry, the environment influences all stages of decision-making and development, from policy and planning through to design and implementation. The importance of environmental protection is recognized through society’s awareness of the need for sustainable development – a practice to be integrated into every engineering assignment, whether it involves the development of master plans, the design or construction of infrastructure projects, the management of facilities and assets, the generation of energy, the exploitation of natural resources, or building sustainable communities.

As a result of this societal awareness, the need for sustainable development is also reflected in every major engineering assignment through existing and evolving environmental acts, regulations and policies. This responsibility calls for an appreciation and understanding of our changing environment and climate.

Increasing focus on the sustainability of resources and the environment often ties emerging regulations with financial ramifications such as business incentives, tax rebates, leasing clauses, financial bonding and hasty fines. Failure to comply with an existing regulatory framework can influence the schedule and costs of projects and, if not properly managed, can often pose a major risk in infrastructure and other development projects.

Cole Engineering has considerable experience in managing risks in engineering projects on behalf of its clients, from the policy and planning stage through to design and implementation. Using scientific studies in hydrology, geology, hydrogeology, ecology, climatology, and building sciences, we provide cost-effective solutions as part of numerous projects to clients in both the public and private sectors.