Experienced in the development of hydrology and hydraulic models that can be calibrated and validated.

Every Region and Municipality needs to know with certainty how their often complex water and wastewater systems operate now and will operate in the future. This effects core decisions around planning, operations and overall management of significant assets. A clear knowledge of service level, how to get the best from the infrastructure that is in place and how to plan for the future is an on-going and never ending challenge. This challenge cannot be met without a clear knowledge of how a system operates under varying flow conditions, be they existing or predicted.

COLE helps clients where projects demand hydraulic analysis of water distribution and wastewater and storm collection systems, or individual components of such systems. We have the resources and experience to undertake specialized system assessment and comprehensive hydraulic analysis of water, stormwater and sanitary drainage systems and, as importantly, to design and detail solutions needed to rectify system deficiencies. Developing the most cost effective solutions requires a comprehensive knowledge of the system characteristics. We have significant experience in this area and have a dedicated team with many years experience whose prime focus is hydraulic modelling.

Our team is aware of the challenges in relation to modelling complex systems and understand the common problem in relation to software generally – “Rubbish in – Rubbish out”!

Our Wet Weather Flow group has the in-house tools, equipment and software to gather accurate and comprehensive flow, level and rainfall data. Our modelling team are experienced in the development of hydrology and hydraulic models that can be calibrated and validated from live flow and rainfall data leading to a high level of confidence in the developed models.

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